Anti-Icing Systems

High Efficiency Liquid Spray

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Norstar’s many years of experience perfecting roadside spray equipment makes it the logical choice for quality anti-icing equipment. Now with the proven success of liquid anti-icing products, the liquid spray systems have demonstrated a broad range of application advantages over salt and sand spreading. With comparatively small volumes of material, the hazards of highway ice and snow can be minimized quickly and efficiently with no cleanup or harm to the environment. Whether you maintain freeways, rural roads, or city streets, Norstar’s anti-icing equipment with flow controls automatically meter flow to match any change in road speed or spray width.

Norstar skid or chassis mounted spray systems can be specified with a 1, 2 or 3 lane, 304 stainless steel distributor bar. The standard bar is adjustable in height and 7.5 ft long with clean-out plugs on each end. When additional lane coverage is required, vertical bars with multiple nozzle assemblies can be added to each end of the distributor bar. Other features include a hydraulically driven Hypro stainless steel centrifugal pump, self load and unload capability, camlock type quick-disconnects and glass filled poly flange fittings throughout the system for easy clean-out.

Standard skid mounted units are available with 300, 500, 750 and 1000 gallon (larger tanks available upon request) capacity poly tanks which include a Surge Buster baffle system. The skid and tank-saddle is constructed as an integral unit with formed longitudinals. All skids are powder coated and include forklift receivers and 4 lifting eyes (tie-downs). Optional telescopic storage legs are available.

Variable Orifice Nozzles

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Variable Orifice Nozzles enhance the productivity of spray systems by widening the application rate and speed range in which the sprayer can operate. Furthermore, the nozzles reduce material waste by closing when the carrier vehicle stops or the distributor bar feed valve closes.

Optional In-Cab Computer Controls

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The Norstar in-cab control console and auto-range valve provides consistency, accuracy, and economy of application on-the-go. Once an operator inputs the desired application rate (gallons per lane mile), coverage is maintained regardless of road speed or number of lanes covered. The digital readout allows an operator to view total gallons applied, rates per lane mile, actual application rates, lane miles sprayed, distance traveled, open and closed lane valves, and actual vehicle speed.