Closed Chemical Loading System

Product picture

Norstar introduces a new Closed Chemical Loading System. Now available for both chassis and skid mounted sprayers. Operators can quickly and easily load chemical(s) on their sprayer with minimal chemical exposure. The closed loading system will increase operator efficiency and lower expenses by minimizing load time.

Features of the Closed Chemical Loading System

  • Retrofitable to all chassis and skid sprayers
  • Chemical transfer rates up to 10 gpm
  • Digital meter for accurate fluid metering
  • Poly non-spill chemical probe coupling
  • PVC chemical probe
  • Simplified maintenance
  • 12 VDC diaphragm pump
  • Secure, leak free connections using the latest in gasket-flange fittings

Key benefits of the Closed Chemical Loading System

  • Load chemical from all types of containers to the selected chemical tank
  • Move chemical from one tank to another tank
  • Offload chemical to the storage container
  • Flush chemical lines with water
  • Limits operator exposure to chemicals
  • Eliminates unnecessary chemical spills and losses
  • Shorter chemical loading times