Precision Spraying Systems

On-Target Accuracy

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Norstar spray systems provide a simple, safe, and efficient answer to managing vegetation on our public right-of-ways. Automatic controls maintain individual herbicide and additive application rates regardless of road speed or spray width. Chemicals are applied in one pass to targeted areas with a multiple section spray head using only solid stream nozzles. The operator can change spray widths while underway, thus reducing chemical and carrier waste while protecting sensitive areas.


  • Low-drift boomless "Nutating" spray heads
  • Wind shear and nozzle protection panels
  • Higher application speeds
  • Individual spray swath control
  • Effective coverage on brush, bare ground, and grass
  • Convenient and comfortable multi-function cab controls

Computerized Injection Controls

Large, back lit, eye-level display panel electronically scans all active functions in sequence. Once application rates are input, operators can observe continuing spray operations with only a glance. The continuous digital readout displays chemical application rates, chemical applied, acres sprayed, carrier flow rate, carrier applied, and road speed.

Control Features:

  • Microprocessor based injection controls
  • Monitor up to 9 boom sections
  • Monitors 3 (or 6) injection pumps
  • Primary and secondary application rates
  • Monitor carrier flow rate and carrier applied
  • Road speed sensing with radar or GPS
  • Ground speed override
  • Non-volatile memory requiring no battery backup
  • Quick response to road speed or spray width changes
  • In-cab cable connections
TASC 6300 Console

Available Options

  • Closed chemical loading (more info...)
  • "Long Shot" booms for 50' plus spray width (more info...)
  • Dual and transferable sprayheads
  • Remote spray head swing control
  • Rear mounted spray bar
  • Chemical tank agitation
  • Hose reels and handguns
  • GPS mapping and data logging
  • Anti-surge tank baffles
  • Anti-icing spray systems
  • Custom flatbed enclosures


We've got you covered when a dedicated chassis is not available for a roadside sprayer. Our slip-in skids include an entire roadside spray system in a convenient compact package that can be used on a chassis and then removed when not needed. Find out more information here.

Stock equipment for sale or rent.

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