Longshot Articulated Boom

The Longshot articulated boom allows you to spray those hard to reach areas along your right-of-way. The boom adds 24 feet of application width over our standard sprayhead. The Longshot boom also allows you to spray under bridges and overpasses. The boom is also great for canal work because it allows you to reach the opposite bank, reducing the number of application passes. 

We specifically designed the Longshot boom to be rugged and worry free. Strong tubular steel is used to make the main and stick booms, which allows us to route all the hoses inside. The entire boom assembly is powder coated to offer a durable finish. The electroplated zinc pins offer superior corrosion resistance. Hydraulic cylinders control the movement of the boom, providing precise movement without the hazards of sprockets, pulleys, chains, or cables. For vehicles without hydraulics, we offer a self-contained hydraulic system that runs off the auxiliary engine.

Add our Longshot articulated boom to your chassis mounted sprayer and increase your reach and productivity!

Longshot articulated boom stowed
longshot articulated boom joystick

Longshot Articulated Boom Features