Chassis Roadside Injection Sprayers

On Target Accuracy

Are you looking for a way to improve your roadside vegetation management program? Our injection sprayers provide a simple, safe, and efficient way to apply herbicides. The computer controls maintain individual herbicide and additive application rates. The injection pumps can adapt regardless of road speed or spray width. This allows the injection sprayer to apply chemicals in one pass to targeted areas. Our 7-section sprayhead with solid stream nozzles provides a 28′ application width. The operator can change spray widths while underway, reducing chemical and carrier waste. This also allows the operator to protect sensitive areas.


image of roadside injection sprayer
TASC 6300 control console

Computerized Injection Controls

Our injection sprayers feature the Mid-Tech/Teejet TASC series injection control computer. The TASC console features a large back lit display panel providing immediate feedback. Operators can monitor all the sprayer functions with only a glance during operations. The scan feature cycles through displaying: speed, area, chemical applied, chemical rates, and carrier total applied.

Control Features

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