Skid Injection Sprayers

We’ve got you covered when a dedicated chassis is not available for a roadside sprayer. Our slip-in injection sprayer skid includes an entire roadside spray system in a convenient compact package for use on any sized chassis and then removed when not needed.

Compact and Efficient

We’ve packed a complete roadside injection spray truck into a slip-in skid package. These injection skid sprayers offer a simple, safe, and efficient way to apply herbicides, just like our full chassis sprayers. Our skid injection sprayers feature a Mid-Tech/Teejet TASC computer control system that maintains the individual chemical application rates of up to 3 chemicals, regardless of speed and spray width. This allows you to apply chemicals to their target areas in one pass, increasing your productivity. The major benefit of a skid injection sprayer is it allows for maximum fleet utilization. Injection skid sprayer sizes are available from skids that can fit into a half-ton truck up to others that fit on a large flatbed or in a dump truck.

300/500 Gallon Injection Skid

Standard Features

750/1000 Gallon Injection Skid

1000 gallon RS6000 injeciton skid

Standard Features

Optional Features

Standard Injection Skid Dimensions & Weights

injection skid dimensions

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