Vector Hydraulic Controls

Feathering Control

The control lever operation requires only light touch push-pull action. This results in smooth, responsive, metered control of hydraulics.

Centralized Control Center

Custom designed consoles place hydraulic controls and accessory switches in one convenient location. Air and electric switches are installed in the console with indicator lights, labels, and toggle guards. The console has removable side and top panels for ease of installation and maintenance. The consoles construction is sturdy and lightweight with a tough powder coat finish. The console can be installed with or without a pedestal.

Vector hydraulic controls
hydraulic valve assembly with air actuators

Hydraulic Valve Actuators

One piece cylinder and bonnet are mounted opposite the handle end of valve spool. Stainless steel cylinders and electroplated internal components are used for corrosion resistance. Flexible air tubing enables unrestricted hydraulic valve installation.

Vector hydraulic air control

Control Levers

Quality custom labeling and illumination displays lever function and action under all lighting conditions. Numerous options include detents, float, and dual function joysticks.

Stainless steel hydraulic enclosure

Sander / Plow Hydraulic Kits

Installation-ready kits include manual, remote, or automatic sander controls, electroproportional hydraulic sander valve with manual overrides, air tubing, fittings, and air protection valve.

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