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TASC Error 0


The TASC console displays the message Error 0 when attempting to spray.

Definition of Problem

An Error 0 condition indicates one of the required calibration numbers the TASC uses to calculate pump demand is set at 0.


Change the TASC mode switch to Setup. Turn the display rotary switch to the following positions and review the calibration numbers displayed. Use the Increase / Decrease switch to adjust the calibration number as required. We have listed the most common calibration numbers below for your reference.

Carrier Applied

The Carrier Applied position holds the flow meter calibration number. It is used to calculate the carrier application total.

Polmac Flow Meters

polmac flow meter 3/4 inch
3/4" Flow Meter

Calibration Number: 396.9

polmac flow meter 1 inch
1" Flow Meter

Calibration Number: 153.1

polmac flow meter 1-1/2 inch
1 1/2" Flow Meter

Calibration Number: 38.8

Teejet Flow Meters

801 flow meter
801 Flow Meter

Calibration Number: 310

teejet 802 flow meter
802 Flow Meter

Calibration Number: 79


The width position holds the widths of each boom section. It also holds the Boom C width, which is what the TASC console uses when calibrating the injection pumps.


The distance position holds the calibration number for the ground speed sensor. In most cases, this will be a radar unit mounted on the chassis or skid.

mid-tech compact radar

Mid-Tech Compact Radar

Starting Calibration #: 780

dickey-john rvsii radar

Dickey-John RVS II Radar

Starting Calibration #: 1000

gps speed sensor

GPS Speed Sensor

Starting Calibration #: 769

Chemical Applied

The chemical applied position holds the calibration numbers for the pump tube(s) installed in the pumps. You can only turn on one pump switch at a time to adjust the calibration numbers.

200 injection pump

50 Injection Pump

150 injection pump

150 Injection Pump

200 injection pump

200 Injection Pump

mt500 injection pump

MT500 Injection Pump

Chemical Rate

The chemical rate position holds the programmed rates the injection pumps will attempt to maintain while spraying. Only one pump can be active while adjusting the application rate. Any value greater than 0 is an acceptable application rate. Please refer to the product label for the correct application rate.

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