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Stationary Test Procedure


This procedure is meant to simulate normal spraying operations so you can check the operation of the chemical injection system. The TASC console will use its’ own internal simulated speed to provide the required input to make the pumps turn. This allows you to walk around the sprayer and ensure all of the pumps are functioning before going out in the field. We often ask this procedure be performed to help troubleshoot error conditions when you call in for help.


  1. Close the ball valve(s) at the bottom of the chemical tank(s) of the pump(s) to be tested.
  2. Prepare the injection pumps.
    MT500 Pumps Open the occlusion straps.
    50/150/200 Pumps Remove the pump tube from the pump housing.
  3. Turn on the TASC console and set the switches as specified below.
    Display Selector Test Speed
    Mode Selector Operate
    Pump Switch(es) On (Center Position)
  4. Turn on the RS6000 switch box.
  5. Turn on the Master switch.
    The nutating motor on the sprayhead will run.
  6. Turn on several boom switches.
    Solenoids will turn on and possibly dribble water from the sprayhead nozzles.
  7. The pumps that are turned on should be turning. Verify the selected pump(s) are turning and the console is not indicating an Error 3 condition.
  8. When complete turn off the boom and master switches.
  9. Open the chemical tank ball valves, latch the occlusion strap(s) or re-install pump tubes, and resume normal operation.

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