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TASC Error 3, Pump-F


The TASC console displays an Error 3, Pump-F message when trying to spray.


An Error 3, Pump-F message means that the TASC console is not receiving signals from the flowmeter.


Depending on your current spray operation the resolution will be different.

  • Spraying using the sprayhead:
    1. Turn the TASC display selector to Carrier Application Rate.
    2. Change the mode switch to Setup.
    3. Set the Carrier Application Rate to 0.0.
    4. When you return the mode switch to operate, the console should display Flow Contl Off Auto.
    5. Resume normal spray operations.
  • Spraying using the handgun:
    • Remove and inspect the flowmeter. Make sure there is no debris or foreign objects in the flowmeter and the flowmeter impeller. Blow a puff of air in the flowmeter. The impeller should turn freely and easily.
      • If the impeller does not turn freely, clean the bearings and lubricate with a silicone type spray.
      • If cleaning is unsuccessful, a bearing kit replacement may be necessary.
    • If the impeller works ok, follow the Flowmeter Sensor Test procedure to check for a sensor failure.
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